sorting all your shit out

What We Do

We sort all your shit out. That was probably explained in the name, but we just want to reiterate the point. This is what we do: your shit, sorted. "What is shit?" I hear you ask. Well, shit can be a lot of things. Things like bookkeeping, BAS, GST and PAYG compliance, superannuation, the creation of office processes and procedures, editing spreadsheets, entering data, mail redirection, scanning and paying your bills, or giving you a foot rub at the end of a hard day... Well, perhaps not that last one, but basically we deal with the day to day shit of freelancing, contracting or running a small business that is oh so necessary, but oh so desperately unpleasant.

No job is too small, as they say, and large jobs, well, they're okay too. Rest assured, whatever shit you think you've got, we've dealt with worse.

We predominantly use Xero for bookkeeping but are just as experienced in MYOB, Excel, notepads or hastily scribbled upon napkins. Call or email us for a quote, a price guide or just a friendly chat about the weather. For example: "Gosh it is rainy/sunny/normal for this time of year, isn't it?" [Circle as required]

What We Charge

The SA.Y.S.O. Overhaul - setting up office processes and procedures including full filing systems; ensuring business/individual is compliant in all areas; initial MYOB, Xero or payroll setup.

BAS - including GST and PAYG compliance, Superannuation, Payroll

basic data entry not outside the above areas including accounts receivable and payable, mail scanning, creating and/or editing spreadsheets, banking, day to day filing.

We're based in Melbourne and can get out to anywhere in the metropolitan area. However, please note that if travel longer than 30 minutes is required, the excess time will be charged at the regular hourly rate. We also work with interstate clients and even a few friendly international ones.

Who We Are

SAYSO Director, Sam Ryan, was once voted the Most Organised Person in her year at school, but that was only because she actually organised the vote herself. She was also the only candidate.

Since then she has spent most of the last two decades organising other people's lives and developing a keen appreciation for well balanced books, perfectly aligned spreadsheets and the zesty tang of a promptly filled out Business Activity Statement. She is willing to admit this has made her the yearly winner of Most Boring Person To Have A Drink With, but remains adamant that she's the best person to help you sort out your business.

Also, she can do things with accounting software that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

So what makes SAYSO different? Well, the thing about us is we make it personal. We visit on site, meet in person, get to know you and see what you need. We get up to our elbows in your piles of paper, make sure those forms are returned on time and dish out friendly but frank advice as to what actually constitutes a business expense (buy us a coffee and, yes, you can probably claim it at the end of the year). Hell, we'll crawl around on your damn floor to find your receipts if we have to. Anything required to sort your shit out.

What The Others Say

Sam makes work fun and easy- who wouldn't want someone to SAYSO in a trustworthy, professional and charismatic way? She has helped me with everything from my Xero accounts to customer care. I love working with someone that is passionate and knowledgeable.

- Leena Van Ray (Founder of Bike n Blend)

Sam is my brain. She makes sure I have appointments when I'm supposed to and that I am in the right place at the right time. Having recently moved to Singapore she also keeps on top of any remaining correspondence, ensuring that we're not arrested for any missing paperwork next time we're in Australia. Five stars for service!

- Louise Kovacs (Executive Coach)

No pile of paperwork too bulky or daunting, Sam has been our accounts ‘go to' guru for the past 3.5 years and we couldn't recommend her highly enough.

She provides a first class service, which is both professional and personable. In the business of bookkeeping you need someone attentive, trustworthy and patient whilst also being efficient, friendly and reliable. Sam is all of these things and more. Her very nature is kind, insightful and detail orientated and her sound advice and business foresight has proved invaluable in our fast paced, ever expanding business.

On top of all that, she is approachable, friendly and treats her clients with respect and honesty. I have no hesitation recommending Sam to anyone; she'll take great care of you and will always sort it out with a smile!"

- Andrea Rembeck (Owner of Tutu du Monde)